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green stack Durchmesser 65 h 95 cm

Torbjørn Kvasbø | *1953 | Venabygd, Norwegen | Intonation 2009, 2010, 2014

The green and red stacks 2009 are a reflection play with the vessel form: it is a classic vessel shape, made by cylinders, in a spiral pattern form. It is also a body, a three dimensional torso with gestures and states of mind.
Technique: cylindric elements from manual extruder, shaped and modelled over a center bottom wheelthrown cone. English terracotta. The green: Leadbisilikat frit/copper glaze. The red: transparent glaze with red pigment. Thickly airbrush glazed and electric overfired 1030 C. Height 95 cm, diam. 65 cm
My work process in the clay material offers a lot of resistance, and I get to know more of the forces over which I have no control; the incalculable elements in my inner being. Emotional discharges become embodiment of feelings, and the works become actual experiences themselves.