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Hasan Sahbaz | *1975 | Türkei | Intonation 2017, 2020

Nearly 20 years, with ceramic clay I have worked on intensively both in terms of laborand also ideas in a most profound and serious manner; we have been shaping each other. I find myself lucky that I have a life within art, that I always pursue "new" ideas that I can create. Positive-negative; anything that touches your life may be your inspiration. What´s important is to what extent you absorb the topics which affect you and how original a language of expression you create capturing the techniques and forms which will express them best. My recent studies are technically identical to the previous series of "organic objects". However, in these new studies, forms are transformed from abstract organic forms to figurative forms. Some forms symbolize human figures, while some forms have more allegorical expressions. With this new series, horizontally extending forms turn into more dynamic 3D forms. Just like all artists who pursue your originality, "new quests" continue for me.