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Predestination III. 2018. Stoneware 1260 °C

József Zakar| *1985 |Cegléd, Ungarn | Intonation 2009, 2012, 2014, 2019

Geometry, as the trendsetter of my approach, carries the stamp of man and his power. The accurately constructed forms emphasize human logic and its creative nature. The pure, visible way of construction, the constructively formulated shapes make an impression by the power of the harmony of nature in human language. I am keen on making experiments, I am especially interested in the inner structure of clay, how it could be influenced by changing its components. At the same time I am really interested in the adoption of different materials in one thing: how the used materials effect each other. This is the way I see my objects, my art.
This is my "ars poetia".