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Friederike Zeit

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Friederike Zeit

2013 1100cß wheel 42 x 35 x 18 cm

Juan Orti | Spanien | Intonation 2015, 2016

Throughout my artwork I try to create interesting shapes using cylinders that I make on the potter`s wheel. These forms interest me, above all the basic shapes wich they have the same conceptual meaning. In fact it is difficult to get to this goal, perhaps this is a way for this shapes to give sense to my pieces, like a search for an esencial and total form.
My work is inspired by daily forms that are surround us: objects that have industrial, architecture and daily use influence. They are usually objects that associate to a worker environment, because this pieces have never tried to have or look like an aesthetic style.
Their beauty is in the simplicity of their forms and their strict functionality . For the same reason they don´t enter in the status or the fashions world, they have a eternal beauty.